Keep your passwords in your pocket.

No clouds, no subscriptions. Keep track of your passwords, handle your own security.

Vault screen

Just your phone

All your passwords are stored on device, nowhere else.


Encripted in-device database, to add another layer of protection to keep your digital life secure.

Access your vault from other devices

With a built-in secure web server, you can securely access your vault from other devices.

Passwords are a right not a service

Access to your passwords shouldn't lay behind a monthly payment, as others try to convince you of.

Vault screen

A nice alternative to suscriptions

As developers we know the importance of keeping your passwords secure. We used other "password managers", but they decided to go for a subscription. So we created Pocket Pass Manager.

We believe strong passwords are a right on today's society, this is why we engineered Pocket Pass Manager to not require costly back-end services, forcing us eventually to ask for a subscription.

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Stop waiting.
Take care of your passwords.


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